Got A Great Voice? Impact On-Hold Needs You!

Submit Voice Message DemosWe’re a message on-hold company, we’ve been in business for more than 20 years, and we’re looking to build a brand new library of fresh voice talent to narrate our messages.

If you’ve got a great voice and a good ‘demo’ we’d like to hear it, so please send it to us. We’ll listen and if we think you sound as good as everyone says you do, we’ll post you on our website and maybe send some business your way. Unless you live in our neighborhood, this works best if you’ve got a home studio.. That way we’ll email the messages to you, you record and send the MP3 to us for music, edit, production and payment.

Just to add a measure of reality here

If you’ve done on-hold messages, you already know it’s not a high income business; so you’re unlikely to get rich! At the same time, you also probably know that voice talent isn’t always working every day. So bottom line, you may get to earn some extra money instead of just waiting for the phone to ring.

We’ve got new on-hold messages to do right now, and we need new voices. We’re looking forward to hearing your demo and working with you, so please don’t delay. You’ll find a link on this page where you can submit the information and demo we need to get your voice into our Impact on-hold talent library.

Submit Demo
effort for every customer we get. Thats how we roll!

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